Would you like to collaborate with M&A? Do you have a project or an idea that could bring our community together?

M&A is a project space dedicated to producing a public culture of experimental architecture. We are not an exhibition venue, funding institution, nor a traditional gallery by any means. We are a collaborative platform that works with artists, architects and experts to actively investigate and interrogate ideas related to architecture.

M&A produces public programs. We primarily produce two types of public programs: temporary outdoor installations and topical program clusters or event series through which to explore an issue or area of interest in greater depth. Often our programs involve many collaborators working together. It is especially important for us to develop ideas in dialogue with our collaborators and to produce projects that align with our organization and its mission.

We like to begin projects starting from an idea and proceed from there. It is of special importance that we develop ideas jointly with our partners, and create dialogue between our organization, partnering artists or organizations, and our audience. We begin with an original idea, and proceed to develop this in sustained conversations about formats, event types, selection of artists and architect teams, financing, schedule and production.

We do not make financial contributions to projects that have already been planned. We are not a foundation or funding body. All our projects are not-for-profit and we aspire to present them for free. Very rarely, we will solicit donations as entry.

We are a small operating team, which allows us to be flexible and agile in developing our public programs, but also limits our ability to take on most projects that come our way. Almost all our projects require one to two years of planning, and we prefer to develop our work slowly rather than output intensely.

When reaching out with a proposal, it is helpful for us to have an idea of the project’s direction and scope of production by including a small statement.

Proposals should be in PDF format and include 1)  project description and related images no more than 3 pages; 2)  a preliminary project budget; 3) CV or resume of participant(s)

If you would like to propose a project, event or idea, please email contact@emanate.org or mail information packets to:

Materials & Applications
117 West 9th St. Suite 702
Los Angeles, CA, 90015