Jia Gu  // Director & Curator
Sage Roebuck  // Public Programs Manager
Antonio Pacheco // Communications Manager
Temishi Onnekikami // 2019 LACAC Public Programs Intern
Mateus Comparato // Exhibitions & Programs Assistant

Thank you to the LACAC for their support of M&A’s Summer Public Programs Internship. Past LACAC Interns: Sage Roebuck (2018); Chase Galis (2017); Maria Kobalyan (2016); Sohun Kang (2015).
Special thanks to our volunteer team: Nanci Ai, Natou Fall, Brandon Kintzer, Vincent Li, Daniel Arismendys Taveras-Hernandez, and Neil Vasquez.

Contemporary Council of M&A

The Contemporary Council of M&A (CCMA) is a dedicated council of young professionals who serve as a resource group for M&A's mission and culture. They provide leadership and direction in M&A's public programming, development, and outreach.  

Laida Aguirre // Artist & Architect
Aubrey Bauer // Designer
James Diewald // Architect, SOM
Gary Fox // Architecture Historian
Melina Girardi // Designer, Gehry Partners
Jesse Hammer // Designer
Dana McKinney // Designer, Gehry Partners
Dami Olufowoshe // Designer, Rios Clemente Hale
Emma Price // Architect

Thank you to our past CCMA Members.                                                      
Nicholas Korody // Curator, Editor
Zac Porter // Architect, Historian

Board of Directors

The M&A Board of Directors is composed of members from varying professional and artistic backgrounds, based primarily in Los Angeles. Our Board members serve as advocates and stewards of M&A's mission and vision, collaborating with board colleagues and staff to guide and sustain the organization, through active participation in board meetings and committees, advocacy for our programming, and strategic fundraising and development. 

Ryan Afari // Hillcrest Company
Jenna Didier // Founder & former Director
Ron Elad // BuroHappold, Associate Principal
Elan Mordoch // EMC Partners, President
Noah Riley, President  // Riley Architects, Founding Principal
Carolyn Sams // First Seating, Founder
Warren Techentin // Warren Techentin Architecture, Principal


Thank you to our past Board Members for their stewardship, insight, and generous support.
David Bramante // BRE Investment
Gloria Gerace // 2003 - 2010 // Founder, Culture Projects
Jen Silbert // 2003 - 2015 // Rewilder, Founding Designer
Stephanie Sherman // 2015-17 // Artist & Curator

 Advisory Board

Hadley Arnold and Peter Arnold // Directors, Arid Land Institute
Sarah Beadle // Artist
Benjamin Bratton // Media Theorist, UCSD
Giacomo Castagnola // Germene Studio
Leila Hamidi // Consultant
Natalie Jeremijenko // Artist
Mitch McEwen // Superfront
Merry Norris // Public Art Consultant
Lucia Sanroman // Curator & Director, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Maxi Spina // MSA, Spinagu

Materials & Applications is made possible by the community of participants that has grown around our projects. We remain forever grateful for the assistance of our past colleagues, interns and key volunteers: 

Andrew Adzemovic, Buse Aktas, Hillary Bretcko, Jih Byeon, David Casey, Jess Castillo, Patricia Chai, Karen Choi, Henry Cheung, Oscar Chun, Kevin Crooks, Aaron Dang, Astrid Diehl, Lynn Didier, Martina Dolejsova, Christine Eyer, Brittany Ellis, Jacqueline Falcone, Marcos Figueroa, Jen Fleming, Chase Galis, Kathy Grace, Amelia Hazinski, Crystal Hughes, Jasmine Jones, Brian Janeczko, Kim Karlsrud, Diana Kichler, Glen Kinoshita, Maria Kobalyan, Jessica Lim, Brandie Lockett, Jenny Long, Nico Machida, Elizabeth Marley, Scott Mayoral, Mandana Ozlati, Raynald Pelletier, Esmi Resnick, Mecky Reuss, Nicole Rinde, Aaron Ryan, Sigita Saliklis, Sarah Schade, Stephanie Snow, Stephany Stamatis, Sam Starr, Nicole Stubblefield, Astrid Sykes, Colin Tucker, Jackie von Treskow, Raven Weng, Kathy Williams, Victoria Wu


Past Key Personnel: 

Jenna Didier, Founder and former Director (2003-2014)
Nicholas Blake, Technical Director and former Board Member (2006-10)
Oliver Hess, Director Emeritus (2004-2011)
Bruce Chan, former Program Director (2008-10)
Kevin Crooks, former Program Director (2013-14)
Courtney Coffman, former Communications Director (2015-17)